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Ludo Kingdom™ is now in the market!

Online Ludo Kingdom – the all-time best Ludo Game till date is here. Enjoy never-before features like playing online ludo, 29 international languages, personal chat in private rooms, making friends with your opponents and much more...


Behave responsibly, play responsibly!

Ludo Kingdom™ – A new online ludo game is newly launched game in the market. It features functions such as playing online ludo, 29 international languages, private chat with friends, chat with opponents and much more! No harassing, abusing in any form will be tolerated or legal action would be taken in case of any complaint from the users.


Yes! It will.

Ludo Kingdom™ – This online Ludo game owned by Qurious Design plans to buy-back the virtual coins and refunding them in real money with certain terms and conditions. However, it will fluctuate in its value.

Ludo Kingdom- A Online Free Board Game played with friends, family and kids. Download new online Ludo Game App for free on any device.

Ludo Game had its roots in ancient India. It is a cross and circle board game named Pachisi and was played on a board of symmetrical cross. Cowrie shells were used to move the pieces. The Spanish version is Parchís derived from Indian game of Pachisi.

Latest game "Ludo Kingdom" can be played between 2 to 4 players. Moreover, you can select the option to play the online board game against the computer or your local friends, as well as you can connect and play with the unknown players across the globe in multiplayer mode. And in this online Ludo Game you can create your own private room and invite your friends to join and play with you.

The Ludo App is quite interesting as each player gets 4 pieces. Each player has to make these pieces traverse across the board before arriving to the Home-Box. Whichever player arrives first with all four pieces in the Home-Box is the winner. This online Ludo game can be continued to decide runner-up and third place winner.

Each player gets a chance to roll the dice. Depending on the number of dots on the dice face, he moves his pieces forward. For instance, if a player rolls the dice and it lands on the face having four dots he moves four spaces forward. Moreover if the dice lands on face having six dots, he will get another chance.

We bring same excitement for all of you in a digital application. Play free with your family or friends or kids and show them what it takes to be a champion. Come to roll the dice, score high and make your best move with Ludo Kingdom!


What's New in Ludo Kingdom

    - 29 Global Languages

    - Chat with friends & opponents

    - Challenge friends

    - Great online connectivity

    - Easy, user friendly Interface

    - Ludo Supports low end devices

    - Error free & Advanced Ludo Game

Online Ludo Kingdom in 29 International Languages

  • First Online Ludo Game Localised & offered in 29 Languages

  • Play Ludo Kingdom Online in the language you are comfortable with.

  • Languages offered.

  • - English

    - हिंदी (Hindi)

    - 中文 (Chinese)

    - Español (Spanish)

    - Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)

    - Pусский (Russian)

    - 日本語 (Japanese)

    - Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese).

    - Deutsch (German)

    - Français (French)

    - Italiano (Italian)

    +18 More Languages


  • Graphics:

    - Clean and simple user interface, however the graphics on this is quite stunning for a online LUDO game with a traditional theme. Really elegant!

  • Game Modes:

    - Computer/AI Mode - This is an Offline Mode of the game where you can head to head with the game's AI

    - Local Multiplayer Mode - Can be played with local friends on the same device. Warning - This mode can be really addictive!

    - Realtime Multiplayer - The most popular and Online Mode where you have an opportunity to take on players from across the globe

    - Private Multiplayer - Another popular Online Mode allows you to create a private room, share room code with your friends to play the Ludo game from roaming place

  • Gameplay:

    - Fast paced game - By using our 'Fast Move' option. This will save you plenty of time

    - You'll be notified about 'Your Turn' by a short burst of vibration

    - Send our unique list of Emojis and Smileys to opponents in Online Multiplayer Mode

    - Get 25,000 virtual coins by installing the game.

  • Color choice:

    - Flexibility of using your LUCKY color be it Red, Blue, Yellow or Green

  • High User flexibility:

    - Switch On/Off "Fast Moves"

    - Switch On/Off "Game Chat"

    - Switch On/Off "Game Smileys/Emojis"

    - Switch On/Off "Vibration" option anytime

  • Chat:

    - Chat privately with your friends or players from all over the world. Chat privately with a particular player and our Ludo game also support a Global Chat mode

    - This feature can be used as other chat applications like WhatsApp Messenger, Hike Messenger, WeChat, SnapChat to chat privately with opponents

    - A great opportunity to make new friends using the chat option. Play, Chat, Meet or Date with opponents

    - This is completely private, confidential and secured with end-to-end encryption

    - Chat feature allowing you to - Accept, Reject or Block users

  • Leaderboard:

    - The online LUDO Game uses 'Leaderboard' functionality for keeping track of your ranking on a global scale

  • Player Statistics:

    - Check opponents statistic to build your own strategy to win the online Ludo game.

    - There are loads of opponent statistics points enabling you to strategize your board game.

  • Game Profile/Career Build:

    - Build your personal profile/game career.

    - Create profiles using - Facebook Login or Guest Login